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Introducing the FestMaster and the FestWizard!- by: Dee Riani
Category: Festival news
Posted: 07/11/2007 - 7:47 PM
Read: 8,890 times

If you were lucky, really lucky, you might have met face to face with our own Fest Master. Not only was the FestMaster appearing in person but also the Wizard.

The occasion was the 4th of July parade in Wheaton, Illinois. The marchers stepped off in the morning to a rather cloudy and over-cast day. This did not dampen the spirits of either the FestMaster, the Wizard or the crowd of thousands gathered at curb side.

The Wizard and the FestMaster marched proudly next to their gaily colored float. The float was made to look like a stage, with over-sized, cartoon characters in a rock and roll band. They were flanked by lots of balloons and the sound of fun music pumped out of a boom box nestled on board. All the while as they marched, they handed out paper hats for the kids and fans for the grown-ups, much to the delight of the crowd.

While marching the FestMaster shook as many hands as possible, the Wizard tried to greet one and all personally, while the family and crew handed our souvenirs to anyone who might have been missed.

The FestMaster's float and the crew were meant to introduce his web site, festing.com. The Wizard is the person who will guide you through the site.

Now that they have met with you personally we hope their introduction of the web site will encourage you to join our community of ?fest-goers!?

And - - keep your eyes open. You never know when or where the Fest Master or the Wizard may appear. This might just be your lucky day!!!

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