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Category: Festival news
Posted: 07/28/2007 - 1:16 PM
Read: 6,052 times

As our web site becomes more and more popular we have had many inquiries as to how this all started. You the users have wondered how the Fest Master found his way to your computers, how he has been able to supply all the information needed for you to join our ever-growing ?festing? family.

His story begins with a dedicated passion. Several years ago he had a simple notebook. This dedicated ?fester? would diligently track all the festivals in the area, making notes as to what bands would be playing, the times, dates and locations. Over time the notebook grew and grew and became a veritable encyclopedia of information.

It was a history making day when the Wizard and the Fest Master crossed paths. After combining their efforts, talents and energies, Festing.com was born. The combination was unbeatable, unstoppable and for a short while, uneventful.

It took patience and perseverance. The results have been great! They have been able to bring you this comprehensive ?festing? tool, at no cost to you, so that you can plan your activities with an informed eye to each and every festival presented in your area.

The Fest Master has long since retired his well worn notebook. The Wizard is now his constant companion so he has no need for his hand written notes. I think sometimes though, in the dark of a quiet summer night, after he is the last straggler left at a festival of fun, food and family, he takes out the notebook. Perhaps he still makes a note or two. But then, a worn out page from the ragged-edged book falls to the muddied ground, unusable. One quick call to the Wizard, the new notes are put in place and all is well.

But the Fest Master still clings to his old book, it still represents his dream, which is now a reality, Festing.com!

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"This is a great Idea. I was wondering when someone was finally going to do this right!!! Nice work!"
Posted by: Eric Peters

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