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Doobie Brothers Last Fling Naperville Illinois- by: Ralph Riani
Category: Festmaster's comments
Posted: 09/01/2008 - 12:25 PM
Read: 5,551 times

Doobie Brothers
Doobie Brothers
Great concert with the Doobie Brothers at the last fling. The weather was absolutley perfect. The last fling is really a great place to attend a festival. The festival spreads out along the riverwalk which is very peaceful and enjoyable . The parking and driving can get a little tiresome, but after you have settled in its a very nice festival to attend. The Fling has a good choice of food but the best part is your downtown with all those great restaurants you kind of forget the fest food and go for the gusto. This fest earns 5 Guitars for being one of the best in Chicagoland. The Fest always features great bands both on the Main Stage and the Entertainment Stage.

Kudos to 7th Heaven for packing em in on the entertainment stage. Can't say enough about this band as far as having a good time. Never have seen them when it was boring. If you haven't seen 7th Heaven, which is almost impossible if you attend any fest in the Chicago area, they are a great band fun and entertaining.

I do have one comment about the staging for different festivals including the entertainment stage at the last fling, it sucks. Why can't these festivals use stages that are at least 4 feet tall. You get there ahead of the concert you stake out a spot and then of course people fill in the front of the stage. If there is a taller stage no problem but when these festivals use these lower stages forget about sitting and trying to enjoy you can't do it, you can't see, it sucks unless you are up front. Need to use taller stages.

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Tom Johnston what a great voice!
Tom Johnston what a great voice!
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"Hey Festmester!!! I am heading to last fling now never been there before!!! Looking forward to it!!! Ribfest was fab that was also a first!!! Perfect weather for the weekend. Sunday heading to Taste of Melrose still my favorite taste anywhere so reasonable, you truely get taste portions and can try a lot before you are full."
Posted by: Cheryll

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